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Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Egg Hunt– 12 x 17

Pattern (sold separately)
Kit (does NOT include pattern)
Thread Used:

Black perle cotton – size 8

Easter Runner


Easter Runner – 14″ X 30″

Pattern only

Kit only (does NOT include pattern)

Threads Used:
DMC 310-size 8 – Black Perle Cotton
DMC 642-size 8 – Green Perle Cotton
Valdani O565–size 8 – Variegated Perle Cotton

Elephant Ears


Applique or Hook Baskets, Flowers, Chairs, Birds, Windows, Cabins, Inner Borders, Borders, Roofs. Felted and ready to use.



26″ X 34″

by The Woolen Needle

This wall quilt features a center wool applique on a cotton background for a quick weekend project. We found inspiration for this color way for this project from Betsy Chutchian’s fabric line Eliza’s Indigo. We’ve re-kit this design several times with different fabrics and renamed it each time–My Fair Lady, Lady Grey, Isabella, Savannah.

Thread Used:

Valdani P9 – size 8 perle cotton



This wool is so unbelievable soft and cozy to the hand. You may want to grab extra to make a throw blanket out of. The color is exquisite.