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Glinda (The Good Witch)


A wonderful, vintage Pink/Red that will give an antiqued look to your projects. Flowers, Beauty Lines. Felted and ready to use.



26″ X 33″

by The Woolen Needle

Wool applique on a cotton background for a quick weekend project. We’ve re-kit this several times in other colorways and renamed it each time–My Fair Lady, Lady Grey, Eliza, Savannah & Isabella. Names are based on the fabric line used.

Thread Used:

Valdani P12 – size 8 perle cotton



A beautiful spring green that has so many uses.  Hook a visually interesting piece of fruit ( apple, pear) without thinking.  This plaid is also great for foliage, grass and backgrounds. Felted and ready to use.

Gum Wrappers


by The Woolen Needle

48″ X 60″

Quilt features wool applique on cotton between scrappy pieced columns–reminiscent of gum wrapper chains that we used to make as kids.

Pattern only – $9

Kits Sold Out

Threads Used: (sold separately)

Variegated size 8 perle cotton (Valdani O154)

Variegated size 8 perle cotton (Valdani P1)

Hand-dyed Eggs


Hand-dyed wool eggs reminiscent of the Amana Easter Eggs.

Eggs are approximately 3″ tall.

Pattern available

Wool roll makes all 8 eggs

Happy Easter


“Happy Easter” -8 1/2″ x 11″

Wool applique seasonal mat, designed by The Woolen Needle

Kit (includes the pattern)

Threads Used:

Valdani M14, O551, P4 – size 8

Valdani O559 – size 12