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Four Seasons


Four Seasons – 18” Square

Pattern  (includes all four mats)

Threads Used for Holly:

Valdani P1 and O519 – size 8

Threads Used for Stars:

DMC 310 and Valdani P5 – size 8

Threads Used for Pansies:

DMC 310, Valdani P10 and O519 – size 8

Threads Used for Pumpkins:

Valdani O513, O565 and P9 – size 8

Frog Legs



Frog Legs will make great trees, hills and grassy knolls. Other uses include flower stems and veins, geometric shapes, backgrounds and borders or maybe holly leaves and lettering. Felted and ready to use.


Gary the Goldfish



Fish, Pumpkins, Foliage, Veins, Fruit, Sunsets, Flowers, Birds, Turkey Feathers and Paisley patterns are all great uses for Gary the Goldfish. Felted and ready to use.


Ginger Snap



A super border and awesome overdye, this rusty plaid has so many uses, including pumpkins, animals, landscapes and primitive flowers. Felted and ready to use.

Gum Wrappers


by The Woolen Needle

48″ X 60″

Quilt features wool applique on cotton between scrappy pieced columns–reminiscent of gum wrapper chains that we used to make as kids.

Pattern only – $9

Kits Sold Out

Threads Used: (sold separately)

Variegated size 8 perle cotton (Valdani O154)

Variegated size 8 perle cotton (Valdani P1)

Hand-dyed Eggs


Hand-dyed wool eggs reminiscent of the Amana Easter Eggs.

Eggs are approximately 3″ tall.

Pattern available

Wool roll makes all 8 eggs