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10 Step Stocking


by The Woolen Needle
10″ X 18″ – This fun and easy stocking goes together quickly. If you want to make it even faster, simply use a favorite fat quarter for the front instead of the pieced strips. Easy to personalize with a name on the top cuff.
Pattern Only – $9
Kit Only – $20
(kit does not include pattern)

2018 Go Tell It on the Mountain


2018 — Go Tell It on the Mountain

9″ X 36″

NOTE: This is NOT an official Row By Row. This door topper can be combined with our previous three rows into a quilt project if desired.

Pattern – $7
Pattern/Kit Combo – $26.95

3 Little Birds Pouch


design by Yoko Saito

Approximate finished size: 5″ X 7″

This cute little quilted bag features wool applique on the pocket.

Among Friends


32″ X 36″

Four designers combined their talents to create this adorable quilted wall hanging which features wool applique on cotton background.

  • Sheep Row created by The Woolen Needle
  • Flying Flowers Row created by Yellow Creek Quilt Designs
  • Baskets & Birds Row created by Designs by Cozy Quarters
  • Flowers Row created by Plays With Wool Designs

Kit/Pattern Combo (includes cotton & wool for top & binding)


Autumn Splendor


Autumn Splendor
Pattern by The Woolen Needle
48” Square

One of our most popular wool applique on pieced cotton quilt designs.

College Bound


64″ X 76″

by The Woolen Needle

This is a super simple scrappy strip quilt. It’s a quick and easy gift to make and a great size for that college bound student.

New kits feature red, black, gold and tan homespuns.

Pattern Only – $9

Kit Only – $69.25

Pattern/Kit Combo – $78.25

Small gallery photo below shows the original version done in homespuns.

Counting Sheep


Counting Sheep

61″ X 61″

by The Woolen Needle

25 different wool sheep on a cotton background

Threads Used:

Valdani Size 8 perle cotton — O178

Valdani Size 8 perle cotton — O501

FALL — 40″ X 50″


by The Woolen Needle
Quilt features seasonal wool applique blocks on cotton background.

Kit Includes Pattern – $99
Pattern Only – $15

Family Time


50″ X 69″

by The Woolen Needle

Features row of wool applique on a cotton background between pieced 2″ homespun squares.

Pattern only

Kit only

Pattern/Kit Combo

Thread Used: Valdani H211 – size 8 variegated perle cotton

Hexagon Star-A-Day


Hand piecing pattern includes plastic templates by Karen Styles from Australia.

12 different reproduction Fabric packets available to make 365 stars.

Monthly fabric packets contain 60 (or 62) 5″ X 6″ fabrics (half light/half dark) to make 30 (or 31) hexagon star blocks.

Fabric packets are available. (Note: The letter “A” behind a pack number simply means that we’ve had to re-kit.)

Homespun Stack


56” X 70” by The Woolen Needle
This easy quilt features homespun fabrics and a fun stack & quilt-as-you-go technique that makes it fast to finish.

Pattern Only – $9
Kit Only – $139.00 (kit includes fabric for front, back & binding)

Kit/Pattern Combo – $148.00





34″ X 43″

by The Woolen Needle

Inspiration for this quilt came from Galatians 5:22-23 — “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” May you be abundantly blessed by the fruit of the Spirit!

Quilt features wool applique and embroidery on cotton. Kit includes wool and cotton for quilt top and binding. Pattern and thread sold separately.

Pattern Only – $15

Kit Only – $69.75

Thread Kit – $47.25

Threads Used:

Valdani Size 8 perle cotton — H202 (withered green)

Valdani Size 8 perle cotton — M14 (variegated pink)

Valdani Size 8 perle cotton — O12 OR O551 (variegated yellow)

Valdani Size 8 perle cotton — O78 (aged wine)

Valdani Size 8 perle cotton — O86 (ripened plum)

Valdani Size 8 perle cotton — O501 (ebony almond)

Valdani Size 8 perle cotton — P4 (aged white)

Valdani Size 8 perle cotton — P5 (tarnished gold)

Valdani Size 12 perle cotton — P11 (aged black)

Kansas Garden


51″ X 51″

by The Woolen Needle

Features wool applique on pieced cotton.

Threads Used:

Valdani O501 (ebony almond) – size 8 variegated perle cotton

Valdani P5 (tarnished gold) – size 8 variegated perle cotton

Lake Waves


by The Woolen Needle
48″ X 60″ – This small lap/wall quilt is made with half-square triangles and no border. reminiscent of an ocean waves civil war quilt. It is a great pattern for a true scrap quilt or “planned scrappy” as we show using a two color scheme. Current kits are available in blue. Original kits were done in red.
Pattern Only – $9
Kit Only – (blue)

Reed’s Creek


72″ X 89″

Quilt features the Riverbanks fabric by Jeanne Horton for Windham

Pattern by Shop Girl Quilts.

Kit includes pattern