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Large pattern.  A fantastic vintage blanket like piece that gives a very antiqued look to your projects.  Each square measures 1 6/8 x 2 1/4.   Felted and ready to use.

Basic Rug Hooking


Step-by-step instructions for creating traditional hand hooked rugs in the primitive style, by Alice Beatty and Mary Sargent

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Bean Sprout


This vibrant green is great for grass, flower foliage, vines and other spring projects.  Don’t forget the trees you have in mind for Christmas!  Felted and ready to use.




Black is a solid black wool. Felted and ready to use.

Black Magic



Black Magic is a dark stripe that is brighter on one side than the other. It hooks as-is or add a complimentary dark green for a great antique background.

Felted and ready to use.

Blue Stone


A tiny Green and Blue pattern that is perfect for overdying.  Blue Stone is similar to the wool we had named Stonewall. Felted and ready to use.

Citrus (reversible)


Versatile and reversible, this lemon and orange wool cocktail is two wools in one. Utilizing both sides of the tweedy orange, effortlessly hook or applique fall leaves, sunflowers and pumpkins.  Felted and ready to use.



Great for hooking or applique.  Also great over-dyed. Felted and ready to use.

Coral Reef



Pink and orange with a little brown to bring it all together. Great borders and flowers maybe a pumpkin with a little sass. Felted and ready to use.